Hi all!
this is my first mail to the list even though I've been reading for a while.
I started using cream a while ago on gentoo, used it a bit on windows
too, and then I had to start using a mac. Great little computer, but
text editors are even more lousy than on windows. I really tried
installing cream on the mac (installed gVim; downloaded cream scripts,
mocked about in the terminal and changed some paths): it works, it
starts, its good looking and very nice and all. BUT. The backspace key
does not work. When using a full scale keyboard I can use the delete
key, but when on the road, using the iBook keyboard that does not have a
delete key, things are a bit rougher...

It is kind of pity that it so very much *almost* works, that I thought
I'd drop a mail and ask if there are any mac os x plans around, if this
backspace stuff is ovelry difficult to fix, or if I'm the only wannabe
cream-user on mac?

When I press the backspace key in a text I get "E319: Sorry, the command
is not available in this version".


David Palm