hi all,

It's my first time to use Cream in freebsd, i install via ports, installation went fine. But when starting cream gives
me the following error :

1. error detected while processing function cream_statusline_path.. Cream_buffer_pathfile: line 11
2. E117: Unknown function : Cream_path_fullsystem
3. E15  : Invalid expression : Cream_path_fullsystem(expand('%:p'))

there are still lots of unstopable red colored errors that won't get out of the editor, and i can't use the editor.
hope somebody can shade light, is there any forum for cream, documentation or any helpfull hints, groups .

help is much appreciated.

my platform :
freebsd 5.4 on amd64
kde 3.5
1 gig ram

Sentino, Richard O.