This is a strange problem that probably only affects me, but it's a really annoying one that is made worse by the fact that I'm beta testing vim 7 + cream 0.36.

When I start Cream, passing it a command to execute via --remote "+commandname", if there are errors in the cream initialization (which there are currently in the experimental version: the Cream_tabpages_init error) they are output to the messages window followed by a prompt to "Press ENTER or type command to continue".  Unfortunately, cream hasn't finished its initialization yet at this point, keyboard focus is not on the messages window, and there is no way to make keyboard focus go to the messages window, so I can't press ENTER to unblock the initialization.  At this point I have to kill Cream and start all over again.

Thus, my way of starting cream from the commandline, passing it the initial file to open & still have the Cream-specific open hooks applied fails:

cream --remote "+call Cream_file_open(\"file.txt\")" "<C-U>"

My only workaround is to start Cream without any arguments, press ENTER to the messages dialog, and *then* invoke Open the klunky old-fashioned way, via the menu.

Any idea how we could fix this?

By the way, I went looking in's CVS for the latest goodies upcoming in beta2.  Nothing there.  Is it broken these days?  There are no changes in CVS newer than 7 weeks ago!  I'd love to have the fix to Cream_tabpages_init, as that would make this problem go away for the time being.