One of my users is complaining he can't load my 'task' mode, which now
depends on this dll because it is partly implemented in ruby.  I thought
ruby was compiled in statically, but this leads me to believe it is not:

                Edit the C:\vim\vim61\src\Make_bc5.mak file definition
                lines at the top to add custom features you might want.
                I like Perl, Python, Ruby, TCL and OLE support, so I
                would plop this at the file's beginning:
                  RUBY = c:\ruby
                  DYNAMIC_RUBY = yes
                  RUBY_VER = 16
                  RUBY_VER_LONG = 1.6

I can appreciate that you probably think if anyone wants to extend cream
with ruby, that they'd already have ruby installed, but in our case, and
probably any other IT shop that tries to deploy cream across their
entire network, this is not true.  Only developers have ruby installed
(and the same goes for the other languages).  Even though it bloats the
package a bit, would you please consider statically linking all
languages into the gvim that you ship, or at least provide static &
dynamic versions of the package?