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[r10781] (HEAD) by j-p-e-g

* Also allow Maurice to steal the occasional spellbook or piece of
* As per FR 1937144, leave a purple cloud if the player or a monster
blinks or teleports away. For some reason this doesn't yet work
correctly with scrolls of blinking, even though wizard blink (which
uses the same function) does work.

2009-09-23 21:21:11 Tree
[r10780] by dolorous

Comment fix.

2009-09-23 15:08:59 Tree
[r10779] by dolorous

Tweak (very) ugly things' proximity mutation rate again.

2009-09-23 15:07:55 Tree
[r10778] by dolorous

Add more minor cosmetic fixes.

2009-09-23 14:48:25 Tree
[r10777] by dolorous

Add minor cosmetic fixes.

2009-09-23 14:16:23 Tree
[r10776] by j-p-e-g

Implement another new unique, this time of my own coding: Maurice the thief.

Equipment: a cloak, a dagger or short sword, and some gold.
Spells : Blink, Invisibility, Teleport Self

Most importantly, in melee combat Maurice will try to steal items from
the player. Due to technical limitations he can only steal item types
monsters can carry and only if said item slot is still free. All
applicable items get weighted by item value, and if nothing is
applicable he will steal some gold instead. If even that isn't possible,
he'll complain a bit and teleport away.

Maurice is placed in the same depth as Gastronok. He's not actually
hard (except for the occasional weapon brand or wand), but rather
annoying. :p

Stealing from monsters hasn't been implemented, and I don't think it's
as interesting. Maurice is currently prevented from stealing items the
player has equipped, though I'm considering allowing him to steal a
wielded weapon, at least.
The limitations of monsters' inventories means that Maurice will never
attempt to steal armour (slot already filled) or jewellery (missing
slot). Maybe we could try to force valuable items into inappropriate but
rarely used slots, e.g. MSLOT_MISC.

Other than in the FR (see 2838375) Maurice does not disappear from the
level, so you can still hunt him down. He also doesn't get a crossbow or
blowgun yet, though that's an interesting idea. However, handing out a
secondary weapon would mean that he couldn't steal weapons either.

Doesn't have a tile yet, and I have no image of him in my head either.

2009-09-22 23:45:08 Tree
[r10775] by dolorous

Let player ghosts and random Pandemonium demons cast Airstrike.

2009-09-22 15:21:55 Tree
[r10774] by j-p-e-g

Add new unique Gastronok (slug wizard), via a patch by bookofjude and some
tweaks to make his speech and casting work correctly. Turns up around the same
time as Erolcha and Grum.

2009-09-22 10:42:23 Tree
[r10773] by dploog

Add descriptions for trove and bailey.

2009-09-22 02:08:41 Tree
[r10772] by dolorous

Add a proper message for when the player isn't carrying any fruit.

2009-09-22 01:55:58 Tree
[r10771] by dolorous

Set proper SVN properties on trove.des.

2009-09-22 01:50:59 Tree
[r10770] by dploog

New portal vault: Trove by Jude.
There is one issue: gold should never be part of the loot but I don't know
how to get rid of it.

2009-09-22 01:43:53 Tree
[r10769] by j-p-e-g

* Actually use the rock worm's corpse tile.
* Tweak a few skill titles.
* Update the change log (not for these, though).

2009-09-21 21:13:09 Tree
[r10768] by j-p-e-g

Backport oos mouseover descriptions for Tiles, corpses not being dropped
inside walls, and LRD not working at low levels.

2009-09-21 19:43:00 Tree
[r10767] by j-p-e-g

Apply a patch by an anonymous contributor to fix the bug with Lee's
Rapid Deconstruction having no effect at low power.

2009-09-21 18:05:35 Tree
[r10766] by j-p-e-g

* Fix 2862312: examination of items in shops not working after buying
* FR 2836364 : Make controlled blink contaminate the player.
* Fix 2841232: display "very slow" in the % screen.
* FR 2858960 : Re-add mouseover descriptions for previously seen (but
not detected) features out of sight, and for plain floor
the stash description like when using 'x'.
* Disallow placement of corpses within walls, and allow rock worms to
leave corpses elsewhere.
* Minor tweaks to the documentation.

2009-09-21 17:54:43 Tree
[r10765] by dshaligram

Allow vaults to request use of the acquirement code with "acquire <item_class>" or "acquire:<god> <item_class>" in item specs (due).

2009-09-21 08:23:35 Tree
[r10764] by dploog

Two Pan vaults by Adam, one of them very funky.

2009-09-21 04:43:43 Tree
[r10763] by dolorous

Tweak (very) ugly things' flavor text again.

2009-09-20 23:51:45 Tree
[r10762] by dolorous

Add minor cosmetic fix.

2009-09-20 23:37:46 Tree
[r10761] by j-p-e-g

Add some comments.

2009-09-20 23:15:10 Tree
[r10760] by j-p-e-g

Small fix.

2009-09-20 23:04:12 Tree
[r10759] by j-p-e-g

Tweak autoexplore and travel to try to avoid moving adjacent to unseen
grids where monsters might be lurking waiting to instakill you, as
suggested by Kenneth Boyd. Tested in wizard mode (though not in a test
game) and it works really well.

The code currently uses a #define flag, in case anyone wants to try both
versions and compare, but I think it should either be replaced with a
proper option or removed entirely. Either way, the new behaviour should
be the default.

2009-09-20 22:57:59 Tree
[r10758] by dolorous

Comment fix.

2009-09-20 21:29:26 Tree
[r10757] by dolorous

Fix compilation (oops).

2009-09-20 21:28:35 Tree
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