Development blog for Dungeon Crawl Stonesoup

Well, I really should have announced this ages ago (the blog became lively in November, though it started earlier) but I had some trouble finding the News section on SourceForge :p and never got around to announcing it. Anyway, Dungeon Crawl Stonesoup proudly presents a weblog ( featuring posts announcing the latest development state as well as some more in-depth articles discussing various implementation details and new gameplay effects.

In other news, most of the bug and feature requests are now being handled on an external site ( and we're in the process of migrating all open tracker items on the SourceForge site over there. Though this will still take awhile, we'd prefer it if you posted new bugs and feature requests over there. Thank you!

To reduce the amount of items in the new bug tracker system, all brainstorming or collection of ideas now takes place in a wiki (, which is much easier for players and developers alike.

For convenience, here's a shortlist of the links:

So check out these sites and, as always, have fun playing!

The Crawl devteam

Posted by jpeg 2010-01-28