Crawl Stonesoup is doing a survey

Hi everyone,

out of a whim we started a poll on the IRC channel ##crawl. Lots of
players already replied and it would be nice to have input from other
channels as well.

The questionaire is simple: 12 questions, and evaluation will be anonymous. Please send replies to crawlpoll AT gmail DOT com.

1. What is you age?
2. Which country do you live in?
3. Do you play locally, on a server or both?
4. Do you play Tiles or ASCII or both?
5. Which Operating Systems do you use at home?
6. Which Roguelikes have you played before? (Nethack, ADOM, Angband, etc.)
7. Where did you learn about Crawl?
8. And when?
9. How often did you win Crawl? (If none, you may specify your best game.)
10. If you take part in the Crawl tournament: where did you hear about it? Where do you get news about Crawl?
11. Did you ever recommend Crawl to someone?
12. Which computer game played most in the last month (July)?

Many thanks,

the Crawl Devteam

Posted by jpeg 2009-08-20