#3147 Traps!


New trap ideas:
- Food trap: changes one of your items into a food ration, or vice-versa.
- Freeze trap (potion trap): shatters one of you potions, damaging you in the process.
- Flame trap: Burns one of your scrolls, damaging you.
- Drain trap: drains some mp.
- Silence trap: minor slow (better than the above, since it can affect monsters)
- Slow trap: Affects you with a minor slow.
- (other status effect traps.)

- Torment trap (one charge only)
- Mutation trap
- Mislead trap
- Dance trap
- Curare needle trap
- Elemental traps (fire, cold, poison, electricity)

- Haste trap
- Regen trap (heals you a little every turn you stand on it)

*Monsters can also step on beneficial traps and such.


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    Against beneficial traps: they're just an invitation to grinding. A chaos trap would be a possibility, though it might end up being gameable, too, but it could work with a limited amount of charges.

    The others sound intriguing.

  • I don't really like the idea of there being a whole slew of traps that just copy other spells and effects. Maybe a few, but I wouldn't want to see most of these.

    I do like an MP draining trap, that has some potential and could hit at nasty times. Freeze/Flame are probably okay, but should be pretty dang rare; there's plenty of other ways to destroy those items already. Mutation is kind of scummable too, but might work as a very rare one-shot.

    I don't like Silence, Slow, Curare, Other Elementals, Food, or Beneficial ones. I also think Mislead probably shouldn't be given trap status, to keep it more unique; the only other place I wouldn't mind seeing Mislead would be as a very rare Xom effect.


  • timbermaw

    The ideas was making traps have an impact on the game of high HP characters. Since what we have now is only stuff that tackles at your health, different effects would provide more challenge for them.

  • timbermaw

    elemental damage would also boost characters with passive immunity to certain elements (usually not those with high hp).

  • Andrew Meronek
    Andrew Meronek

    Twinge, I disagree that traps should be limited to unique effects. The purpose of traps is to provide more tactical problems for the player.

    IMHO, the only "bad" traps which should not be put in the game are traps which are likely to cause unavoidable instadeaths, such as a drowning pit.

  • Andrew Meronek
    Andrew Meronek

    That said, I think it'd be cool to have a trap whose effects are exactly that of a spell in the game, and whose name is taken from that spell, and the trap is a one-shot wonder; after one trigger, the trap goes away. This could replace several of the traps listed in the title post of this thread, as well as the Teleport trap already available in the game. The possible spells would be generated based on the dungeon level. Targetted spells would zip off in a random direction, but only after starting on the trap square, so that in order to get a fireball to go zooming off, the creature or player who set it off first has to dodge it.

    For example:

    A "Bolt Of Fire trap" shoots one flame bolt at the player, which does not dodge, thus gets hit with a bolt of fire as per the spell. There is a chance of having a potion boil away, and whatever other bolt of fire effects normally apply.