#3078 Ammo Gifts, Gods, and Snakes-to-Sticks (spells) (rc)


By Andy:

Ever since the Arcane Marksman class got implemented, people have a renewed interest in "how the heck do I get enough ammo for [insert cool feature using ammo here]!?" How about one (or more) of the Gods granting the player the ability to convert wooden objects into ammo, like the spell Sticks-to-Snakes allows creation of snakes with wooden objects?

Maybe there would be an even better way to implement this, such as by a spell directly (rather than a god-ability). However, my proposition is that:

1. Player has wooden object(s), like a quarterstaff (ammo like arrows do NOT work!).
2. With sufficient piety, the player activates the ability.
3. The player may pick an item from their inventory.
4. A menu pops up: "What type of ammo?"
5. Select whatever type of ammo you want to create.

This could be extended, so that the options of what to create depend upon what type of item is chosen (rather than just being able to pick wooden items). Large rocks could yield stones, metal objects could yield javelins, bolts, and sling bullets, with wooden items for darts and arrows. Perhaps even throwing nets could be created, if we could think of an appropriate material... (leather armor, perhaps?)

I don't know, but maybe this approach would be more desirable than a flat "Pray to [game deity]; you are now buried in ammo."



  • neat.

    [god name] now allows you to convert [material] into ammo. Personally, I would like to see [material] be chosen (once per game only) at random from ("leather", "metal", "cloth", "wood"), and because it is a god ability, it is just sacrificed for a few shots of ammo for whatever ranged weapon you are wielding, or your highest ranged skill if not holding one. Yes, it isn't crafting, but a) crafting doesn't currently fit in crawl, and b) it _is_a divine ability, so a sacrifice and gift make sense.

    For the player, this is interesting. Do you keep the early leather items stashed somewhere in case it is leather? The wielding thing is just for the sake of maybe wanting to train another skill. Hard to train with arrows if you can only get darts, but wield a bow, and there are arrows instead. enchanted/magical items should either yield magical/enchanted ammo, or more ammo then normal, never both.

  • Now I want a snakes-to-sticks spell to spam in the snake pit.

    On a more related note, why not make stones from a large rock when it gets mulched? I don't think having more stones would break anything major.


  • By Andy:

    Thanks for the input, both of you! I remember there was a discussion of having "Large Rocks" yield stones when mulched, but for some reason nothing was ever done about it.

    I don't think wielding is the best way to go in general: first few times it's an interesting gimmick; first couple of THOUSAND times, it's an annoyance. After that, well... hopefully you'll be admitted before you kill someone... ;)

  • jpeg

    I really like the idea of having large rocks break into a random amount of stones when mulching.

    Don't feel as intrigued by the rest of the suggestions. I especially dislike the idea of anything you do calling up a menu to pick stuff you wish to create.

  • I'd really like a spell that functioned like Evaporate, but was Tmut/Ice. It would freeze potions - i.e., fulsome - into a number of projectiles of magical ice based on a combination of currently wielded launcher and race. These projectiles would melt fairly quickly (less than 30 turns); when fired they'd be equivalent to foo of frost, but they would automatically mulch. They'd leave behind a single tile of magical ice or snow lasting for the remainder of the duration. The effects would be somewhat similar to Evaporation, but generally weaker and longer-lasting.


  • dpeg

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  • KiloByte

    I'd make a new spell: "Fletch", to convert staves/clubs/etc into arrows.

  • jpeg

    I don't like the idea of a spell transforming any kind of item into another one...