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#3075 Halflings as masters of Translocation (species)


Right now only four races have better than 100 in Tloc -- DD 85 (which makes no sense IMO and should change), DE 75, HE 90, and Sp 50. I propose changing Sp aptitude to 90 and giving 50 to Halflings. This would give Halflings more of a niche, especially with the new missile spells using Tloc. And Spriggans would still have plenty of toys.


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  • hmm, verry interresting

  • Why do halflings make more sense than DD on having this aptitude?

  • Because DDs are already special, Ha right now are not really good at anything except Stealth and Short Blades, which lots of other races are too.

    Because DDs are not supposed to be especially good casters except for necromancy and the earth, and Tloc is not related to either. Whereas stealth and translocations fit together well both in play and thematically.

    Because Ha have too few strengths now, and DDs have too many.

    But if the Devs decided to leave DD Tloc aptitude at 90 and give Ha 50, that would be OK with me too.


  • Stefan O'Rear
    Stefan O'Rear

    I support.

  • Pete

    I'm very much in favor of letting DD remain good at stealth at tloc, as I said before. I wouldn't mind halflings warping around, though.

  • I like this, especially Ha and Sp changes.

  • KiloByte

    This hurts theme without any balance benefits.
    I say: meh.

  • I would like to see halfling at spellcasting 140 or better if this goes through, i dont see why they have such bad apt at spellcasting. I do agree about the Tloc buff, would be perfect to have them be able to cTele , blink stab and blink out if in danger. sprig can just run away most of the time anyways because they are awesome.

    castamir, why do you think this would hurt theme? Is it because of the fat little burgler trope that hobbits have? I myself would love to see halflings as awesome stealth stab dungeoneers, but it just doesnt work late game. I fired up uber-halfling in wiz mode(no spells) and he diddent have a chance :( -Pigvomit

  • Anything that helps Halflings distinguish themselves from Kobolds is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


  • dpeg

    Lemuel: I second the Ha Tloc aptitude but I challenge the claim about " have to have equal amounts of both, otherwise you get the power creep that has ruined many good games." Now you know that we are not afraid of nerfs, but here we are talking about two species. In a sense, these are incomparable in a sense. Buffing Ha while leaving Sp as is acceptable. Buffing, for example, one weapon or spell type without compensation is the problematic move you mean. I think.

    That said, I am not sure about Sp Tloc 50. I am sure about their bad Spc aptitude, this should stay, of course.

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