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Due of the age of the previous release, it has been taken down. A new one will be posted in a few weeks that can only be found off our home page.

Posted by Thomas Tong 2001-12-03

Cratered Beta 1

We're pleased to announce the release of Cratered public beta version 1. After several months of closed beta testing we're releasing a public client available for download. The game includes the following

* Two unique and playable levels
* Four unique ships with different weapons
* Intense multiplayer action

We're also inviting everyone on the beta list to join us in chat and participate for the nightly organized games. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Tong 2001-07-27


Versions are still being released on the webpage. Lots of new features, playable now.

Posted by Thomas Tong 2001-04-26

File Releases

All development releases will be kept on the web page, only major updates will be released here.

Posted by Thomas Tong 2001-03-16

Cratered imported to CVS

With me and Toes now actively developing, it was time to utilize CVS, to simplify our code merging tasks. I have imported the latest merged snapshot from me and Toes in to CVS, and we will now be working directly from that snapshot.

You can grab a snapshop from CVS at any time using SourceForge anonymous CVS access.

NOTE: We do not claim that a CVS snapshot works, or even compiles. The current CVS snapshot is our current working version of the code. If your looking for a (semi-)working version of the code, download our latest release snapshot.

Posted by Matt Holmes 2001-03-05


New Version

Posted by Thomas Tong 2001-01-09


new build
- added mesh viewer
- Event manager

Posted by Thomas Tong 2000-12-19

version .02 out

A version! Finally!

Posted by Thomas Tong 2000-12-13

Open for business.

Here we go, time to get everything transfered over.

Posted by Thomas Tong 2000-11-08