#53 Win64 build


I am working on building the source of CPPunit 1.12.1 version on Windows 64 XP (x64) in MS Visual Studio 2005 (V8). However, a couple of issues appeared during building listed below:

1. In Configuration Manager of the Build menu option, I needed to select x64 as the Active solution platform since the active solution was set to Win32. This is expected since Win64 is supposedly not supported.

2. In the Preprocessor Definitions option in the project C/C++ configuration properties, I changed WIN32 to WIN64 since I was building for WIN64. Now this step is not mandatory since the projects build for Win32 but I felt it would be appropriate that way.

3. Some erros occured in some of the projects while others occurred in all projects apart from 'cppunit' and 'cppunit_dll':

a) .\DynamicWindow\cdxCDynamicDialog.cpp(30) : error C2440: 'static_cast' : cannot convert from 'void (__cdecl cdxCDynamicDialog::* )(UINT)' to 'void (__cdecl CWnd::* )(UINT_PTR)' ---> I changed UINT to UINT_PTR in the OnTimer function and the error was corrected.

b) .\MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp(67) : error C3505: cannot load type library '{80CC9F66-E7D8-4DDD-85B6-D9E6CD0E93E2}'
.\MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp(67) : fatal error C1104: fatal error importing libid: '80cc9f66-e7d8-4ddd-85b6-d9e6cd0e93e2'

c)...\cppunit-1.12.1\src\msvc6\dsplugin\stdafx.h(12) : fatal error C1189: #error : This add-in is for VC++ 6.0 only

I therefore built the 'cppunit' and 'cppunit_dll projects only. Most of these erros I guess are due to the fact that Win64 is not supported. Is there a temporary solution available at the moment which can be used to build the CPPUnitLibraries solution. If not, as one user already asked, when can we expect a solution for Win64.

Thanks in advance.