Segmentation fault w/ qttestrunner

  • Ekkehard Blanz
    Ekkehard Blanz

    I just installed CPPUNIT today and had immediate success with the text-based interface.  Having worked with JUNIT for a couple of projects helped, of course.

    Then I was getting adventurous and was trying the qt side of things.  I thought I did everything right but got a segmentation fault right from the start, using otherwise the exact same test classes and test objects, and an almost identical main.cpp (except for the qt parts, of course).  Then I checked out the examples that came with the installation and found the example in /usr/share/doc/libcppunit-doc/examples/qt.  I copied the example over and run the make_example shell script there.  After fixing its problem (it calls "make distclean", which removes the Makefile before running make - it should call "make clean" instead) it compiled and linked clean.  But when I then ran the executable qt_example it gave me a segmentation fault, just like my own main.cpp did - doesn't even get to the first line of code.

    Since I cannot even run the example that comes with it, I must be doing something fundamentally wrong.  What is it??

    I am running under Kubuntu 8.10 on an X86 32 bit machine.  I can compile link and run all the Trolltech qt examples just fine, only the CPPUNIT qt example won't run.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.