Downloaded archive have ,v added to file name

  • Abhijit Sawant
    Abhijit Sawant

    I downloaded CVS archive. When I unzipped it I see all file names are appended by ',v' . It seems they are CVS version files and not actual files. Does anyone have idea how to get actual files?

  • Kent Dahl
    Kent Dahl

    cvs -d /path/to/extracted/cvs/files checkout cppunit

    …or something like that. But I think you would be just as well off doing a direct checkout from the anonymous CVS access.

  • I think you picked up the wrong download. I think it is a backup from before the migration from CVS to Subversion. It is unlikely that it is what you want.

  • nikos yiotis
    nikos yiotis

    Hi, I'm looking for the latest source version. The one I got is the SVN migration archive -> cppunit-cvs-repo-archive.
    Any hints blep? cheers

  • Faizal

    I'm having the same problem.  Who owns this download (and can fix it)?