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Mercurial Log

Commit Date  
[583c0c] by senex

Mark as the 2.4.1 release

2014-03-09 01:20:40 Tree
[e00e73] (release_2.4.1) by senex

Fixed Bitbucket issue #12: Pip3 installer issue

The python3 version of the code (from 2to3) runs fine under python2, so just use that for
both interpreters. Also do the same with readSampleClass.py

__init__.py was updated to use relative import supported by both python2 and python3

2014-03-09 01:10:47 Tree
[ba11c5] by senex

Fix installation with pip3, update software version to 2.4.1

2014-03-04 03:21:03 Tree
[6b9886] by senex

Mark as the 2.4 release

2013-08-27 01:33:23 Tree
[cf1665] (release_2.4) by senex

Update version to 2.4 for release

2013-08-27 01:31:42 Tree
[026fef] by senex

Fixed BitBucket Bug #9: Multiple variable declaration parsing error

We now handle comma separated lists of variables like the following

class SampleClass
float x, y,z;

2013-07-20 00:56:33 Tree
[6e5180] by senex

Add support for elaborate type specification of class. Was using class keyword to detect #define magic
in a way that disallowed elaborate type specification. Now logic is more complex and better at detecting
when we should be following #define magic

2013-07-02 00:55:35 Tree
[e76db7] by senex

Fixed SourceForge bug #54: Add support for __attribute__ by filtering it out

2013-06-28 01:35:45 Tree
[5f9537] by senex

Fixed BitBucket issue #8: friend functions can cause exceptions to be thrown

2013-05-31 00:12:14 Tree
[61aa2c] by senex

Fixed BitBucket issue #7: #include before function definition polutes return type

2013-05-29 00:27:17 Tree
[5d059c] by senex

Fix BitBucket issue #5: Nested class error: unexpected multiple definition

Fixed situation where classes within classes of notation "class CLS1::CLS2" would cause parsing errors

2013-05-29 00:12:43 Tree
[ede9d7] by senex

Fixed Bitbucket issue #6: lines ending in / cause line numbers to be inacurate afterwards

Cleaned up makefile output.

2013-05-27 20:05:16 Tree
[cca2cb] by senex

Fixed state of parser after reading typedefs by resetting namestacks. This was causing classes after a typedef to not be read properly

2013-05-22 01:52:24 Tree
[0c27f5] by senex

Add support for regular typedefs to go into the typedefs list

2013-05-21 00:43:28 Tree
[66ca6d] by senex

Fixed bitbucket issue #3: Ignore list can now list macro functions to ignore such as "MAGIC_FUNC()". This will cause the parser to ignore this function and anything within the parens

2013-05-11 02:14:13 Tree
[31fb3c] by senex

Work around classes defined after unsupported #define magic

2013-05-10 00:37:07 Tree
[3e7069] by senex

Fix line numbering when #define or comment is multi-line and only 2 lines

2013-04-22 01:13:29 Tree
[5337a8] by senex

Mark as the 2.3 release

2012-12-05 02:15:51 Tree
[f8441c] (release_2.3) by senex

Update the version number in setup.py

2012-12-05 02:08:05 Tree
[1a67ac] by senex

Changed version to 2.3

Updated documetation showing examples of #defines and #includes

2012-12-05 02:04:22 Tree
[3b8851] by senex

Fixed bug 3577484: Class template specialization plus inheritance mis-parsed

2012-11-08 02:22:47 Tree
[fe1e57] by senex

Fixed bug: 3570105: Error parsing multi line non #define statements

2012-09-23 02:45:19 Tree
[1995d4] by senex

Fixed bug 3569622: Crashes parsing ::enum

2012-09-20 03:02:09 Tree
[e270b0] by senex

Ignore \f

2012-09-20 02:51:03 Tree
[859cf1] by senex

Fixed bug 3569663: Crashes parsing indented #define

2012-09-20 02:47:04 Tree
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