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Version 1.27 has now been released.

A new C++ check was added that detects when a base class has a non-virtual destructor

The command line options have changed.
* --recursive was removed
* --errorsonly was renamed to --quiet
* --force was added

Improvements in the core functionality that makes the checks more accurate.

Many small updates in the memory leak checking.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-12-30

c++check 1.26

Version 1.26 was released today

It has many fixes, making the checking both more sensitive and more accurate.

In short:

* Major restructuring and refactoring were made by Aggro

* Buffer overruns: moved recursive checking to "--all" because there were false positives

* Buffer overruns: fixed false positive (get pointer to data beyond array is not wrong)

* Memory leaks: Recursive checking * Memory leaks: Fixed a number of issues in the tracker... read more

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-11-30


Version 1.25 has been released.

The GPL 3 license is now used.

There has been minor updates. No new checks have been added. Instead the existing checks have been improved. Many false positives have been removed so that the results are now more accurate.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-11-03


A new version has been released.

Minor updates in various places.

Updated checks:
* Unsigned division
* Memory leaks
* Variable scope
* Incomplete statements
* Usage of char variables

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-10-04


A new version has been released.

The checking have been improved.

Compilation errors when using DJGPP and GCC-4.3 have been fixed

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-08-30


The checking for memory leaks have been restructured and rewritten again.

This is the third time I write these checks and this time I hope it will be better.

At the moment the check is not that powerful - I have been very focused on avoiding false positives from the start so I have a good and solid ground to build upon in the future.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-08-17

cppcheck-1.21 (minor updates)

The cppcheck-1.21 has a few minor updates.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-05-04


Now it's here, the cppcheck-1.20 release.

A lot of refactoring to make the code simpler. Simpler code => better code.

The checks for memory leaks and buffer overruns have been refactored.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-04-06

Status - Going well, new release soon

Development has been going well lately.
I've refactored some utility functions and that made the checking more powerful. And the code became simpler too I think.

I am planning for better utility functions in the future but I don't know exactly what I need.

A new check has been added that checks the usage of global functions. In big projects it is not uncommon that old functions that are not used anymore still lie around. And sometimes a function can have static linkage but it doesn't. This checking is only enabled if giving the "--style" parameter.... read more

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-03-29


The development has been going well lately. It has focused on new checking of variable scope and checking for unsigned divisions.

The current SVN revision is 199.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-03-21


Created a new release of this package.

I will put a few sample reports that cppcheck-1.18 generates here.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-02-23


Improved version.

To check all *.cpp, *.cc and *.c files under the current directory you can now do something like this:
cppcheck --recursive
No files need to be specified when doing this

For more details see the changelog.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-02-22


A new release.

Minor improvements in the checks

The test system has been reworked. I believe it will be easier to find weaknesses and test in the future.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2008-02-17


Removed false positives

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-10-29


Small updates. Added a few checks.

A few messages were removed from the "normal suite" because
they could give false warnings.

A suite was created that contains all error messages. This suite is less accurate but it detects more bugs.

A suite was created that only contains checks for coding style. This suite will not be able to detect any bugs.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-07-26


New release.

Improved the checks.

Only the checks that finds errors are enabled by default. These checks are;
* Mismatching memory allocation / deallocation
* memory leak
* buffer overrun
* Invalid memory usage
* Invalid function usage
* Using dangerous functions

The other checks can be enabled through the '-w' option. These checks are:
* Various checks that checks 'if (..'
* dangerous usage of 'strtok'
* redundant code
* bad operator definition in class declaration
* can use isdigit or isalpa
* C++ code: using C-style pointer cast
* Header with implementation
* Unused function
* Not needed included file

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-06-09


Released cppcheck-1.11

There are no major news about the program. The old checks is more accurate and versatile now than before. A few checks have been added.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-06-05


Removed false positives. Fixed a few bugs.

The checking is a little weaker.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-30


Version 1.09 has been released.

The biggest improvements was made in the tokenizer. It's smarter now, which means that all checks are smarter.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-29


Reorganized the code and refactored a little.

A side-effect was that the checking has been improved a little.

Development is currently focused towards making the tokenizer more intelligent. All current checks rely on the output from the tokenizer so making it more intelligent makes all checks more intelligent.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-27


New checks:
* Buffer overrun
* Using dangerous functions

Also added the "-w" command line flag which enables more warnings.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-21


No major changes. A few checks has been added:
* Find more memory leaks
* Search for code similar to: "if (condition);"

The program should also be more accurate.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-20


New version of the software.

Deactivated a few warnings. This was made to put focus on the more serious bugs instead.

Added a little more checking for memory leaks.

Improved the statement list that enables more detailed checks.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-18


Detecting memory leaks

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-17


Released cppcheck-1.03

Bug fixes

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2007-05-16