Getting rid of demo code in bigint


  • Anonymous

    I posted this in the wrong forum, so reposting here. I am new to C++. I want to learn working with really large values with Bigint.
    I can compile and run it. But I don't have enough knowledge to delete all the demo code from there.
    It runs in 3 seconds flashing some text on the screen and then quits.
    Can someone help me to:
    1) Get rid of all the demo code
    2) Help me add some simple code like:
    "#include "BigInt.h"
    BigInteger a = 65536;
    cout << (a * a * a * a * a * a * a * a);"
    I tried to add it, but compilation fails.
    3) Keep DOS window open instead of quitting. I tried adding system ("pause"); but it would not comile.
    I wouldn't mind spooling it to a text file too.

  • Alex Vinokur
    Alex Vinokur

    What is your main-program?

    Which compilation errors have you got?