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How to customize keys?

  • Adrian Smitto
    Adrian Smitto

    Any way we can customize the keys to adapt it to our liking?
    Thnx in advance!!!

    • With the last version1.56, you must modify source code to change key-mapping.

      I will try to add it in the next version of coverJuke. Please must be patient. :-)

      Thank's for using,

    • Adrian Smitto
      Adrian Smitto

      No problem! ill wait for the next version (maybe im dumb but i couldnt find the source here on sourceforge to download it and compile it myself)

      And while we are on the subject, let me tell u that for some strange reason. Coverjuke seems to have a bug when trying to use Bluetooth Remote Control (which i use for winamp, bsplayer etc)
      Its a simple windows software that based on a keymap layout it simulates the keys on the keyboard while u press them on yourcellphone (via BTooth)
      While it works fine in winamp, bsplayer and such, when i focus on Coverjuke and press any key on my cellphone, Coverjuke seems to get that key as ESC which ends up CLOSING coverjuke eventually, no matter where u are in the menu.
      Maybe u can find out whats wrong with that!
      Anyway, thxn fors this awesome soft thats gonna become the center of my HTPC =)