Great Programme with small bug (?)

  • michael reuss
    michael reuss

    Phantastic piece of work, guys. I've noticed a small bug in Vista: subfolders (eg. different depeche mode albums in one depeche mode folder) will not be displayed and the programme crashes if there are several subfolders. In XP, no such problem - subfolders will be displayed. This observation applies to coverJuke 1.3 and 1.2.
    Looking forward to 1.4 !

    • I can't reproduce your problem!
      So it will be difficult to resolve it.

      I think it's became of your picture.
      I try to handle error from loading cover.

    • michael reuss
      michael reuss

      you are right ! It had to do with the user rights on my Laptop. When I changed them, the bug was gone.
      So your programme is even better than great. I use it now all the time. Thanks a lot !

    • Shashank J
      Shashank J

      even though my album art pics are high the quality of cover is pathetic. Can you help me improve it guys

    • You have Quality parameter in coverjuke.ini!

      You can set "fastload = false".