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German language support

Jens Wolf
  • Jens Wolf
    Jens Wolf

    Hi Mikael,

    I corrected some points in the german.txt! If you want I can send it to you!

    and I've some more Points:

    - overjuke crashes by pushing F2 for mixing an playlist.
    - can you add a new parameter to the config? "Hide Application Frame"
    - when I say position of window 0 / 0 then it is always starts not at 0/0 there is always al little row on the top of the screen.
    - can you create a button for Konfiguration  "strg + K" for example.
    - can you break the mainloop when coverjuke is minimized or when another application is in front of coverjuke and has the focus. Or break the main loop after coverjuke is not used for some seconds. I think that will slow down the requirement of coverjuke!

    I hope you can actualize some points!

    many thx demmy86

    • Hy demmy86,

      Like you do last time, you can send me your file german.txt.

      For your different point, I update my TODO list for a next version.

      For your remark concerning a break in mainloop.
      It already do when you minimize the application.

      Thanks a lot.

    • Jens Wolf
      Jens Wolf

      Hi Mikael!

      with the button for configuration I mean the window where we can change the plugin, background and skin. And from there we can start the real configuration! I hope you understand what I mean! :-)

      Ok I send you the german.txt!

      Greetings! :-)

  • Holger Stiehl
    Holger Stiehl

    Hi demmy86,

    I made the first german.txt for coverjuke in 2008. Now I'm interested in the changes you made. Is it possible to get your version, please? Thanks a lot!

    Best regards

  • Jens Wolf
    Jens Wolf

    hi hstiehl

    Yes for sure, I can sent my version of german.txt to you. It's not perfect but maybe you can use it! :)
    Give me your email address and I'll sent  the file to you.

    with regards