Pictures blurry

  • Bobsofa

    Hi guys,
    really imressive evolution of the software. One request: The cover pictures which are loaded from the tags are really blurry like the originals are 100x100 (the covers are all min. 500x500, so that can't be it). Btw when select pictures in the track menu, i can select sometimes more than 5 pics even when there is just one in the tag! All show the same, but the sharpness changes a lot. And a search option by artist or album would be awesome (my used string is /Genre/Album and i just can search by genre, which ist nearly useless...).
    Thank you very much

    Ver. 1.56

    • Hi Felix,

      I note your remark for a better search fonction.

      For your problem with blurry image, switch "fastload" option to "false". After the quality will be very improve!

      Thank's a lot,