I just got it working, my maildroprc file was in the wrong spot.

I'm coming across another problem though. I set up a couple "log ..." statements in my maildroprc file for testing. It looks like $HOME is getting set to the field from MYSQL_HOME_FIELD correctly. However, I can't find anyway to access MYSQL_MAILDIR_FIELD... I tried using "$DEFAULT", but that wants to be "./Maildir" regardless of what I do?

On 11/27/06, Sam Varshavchik <mrsam@courier-mta.com> wrote:
Dylan Markow writes:

> Postfix is set to call maildrop, which works fine. I have my maildroprc
> file set to log its results, and entered options to log the "DEFAULT" and
> "HOME" variables. Basically, DEFAULT should be
> "/var/spool/mail/virtual/USERNAME/" but it's defaulting to
> /home/virtual/Maildir. This makes me think it's not even accessing the
> information from authmysqlrc? What gives?

Add DEBUG_LOGIN=2 in authdaemonrc

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