Is there anything less drastic? This means downloading 9 GB of old email to 4 different clients.


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From: Sam Varshavchik <>
Date: Saturday, May 14, 2011, 10:24 AM

Earl Killian writes:

>    I have been using the courier-imap server for many years on one of my    servers for many years without problem. Yesterday two disks failed in that    server, so it died (RAID wasn't enough). I had files backed up onto    another server, so I changed the DNS and moved everything into place on    the new server. The old server was running 4.4.1, and the new one is    running 4.5.0. (Both are from the opensuse distribution). While things    sort of work, the log file is filling with these messages:
>    May 14 09:53:02 spruce imapd-ssl: LOGIN, user=earl, ip=[::ffff:],    port=[50800], protocol=IMAP
>    May 14 09:53:02 spruce imapd-ssl: earl: TOO MANY CONSECUTIVE PROTOCOL    VIOLATIONS
>    May 14 09:53:03 spruce imapd-ssl: Connection, ip=[::ffff:]
>    This is using Thunderbird and MacOS Mail as clients.
>    There don't seem to be any other error messages to suggest what these    protocol violations might be.
>    Please suggest debugging ideas.

Most likely the client for some reason is trying to open the same non-existent folder.

Delete the account in your mail client, and re-configure it from scratch.

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