i found a solution
just redefine the authmysqlrc
and works
thanks to steve annessa  for the tip
and thanks for everyone for the help
have a nice day amigos

steve annessa <karrotx@hotmail.com> wrote:
If you have debian then:

apt-cache search courierauthtest

Read what I posted to jorgejgd@yahoo.com, hopefully he will repost it.
Basically try recreating your authmyslrc file, make sure there are NO spaces
at all, and no comments. Some say comments work, but I was positive I had no
spaces, and I had a few comments, didn't work, so I re-created mine with
neither to be sure.

>From: res0nlrn
>To: Jorge Bond
>CC: courier-imap@lists.sourceforge.net
>Subject: Re: [Courier-imap] mysql+courier+postfix problem
>Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:51:54 -0800
>Hi Bond,
>I am struggling with same problem for last 4-5 days. I posted 2 times to
>this news group looks like nobody has done this kind of setup.
>Instead of using mysql I was using postgres as I am not that much familiar
>with MySql. I started posgtres database in debug mode and I can see that
>courier is connecting to db and it is executing sql also with my email
>address and if I copy and run that sql in psql (client for postgres), I can
>see result of query also.
>BTW: where did you got courierauthtest from ?
>I am not giving up. Now I am planning to use courier source and add debug
>statement to it to debug the problem.
>Keep in touch.
>Inform me if u r able to solve it.
>Jorge Bond wrote:
>># courierauthtest -s imap mmullin@knightsmove.com
>>Temporary authentication failure from module authdaemon
>>Authentication FAILED!
>># telnet localhost imap
>>Connected to localhost.
>>Escape character is '^]'.
>>* OK Courier-IMAP ready. Copyright 1998-2002 Double Precision, Inc.
>>See COPYING for distribution information.
>>aa01 login mmullin@knightsmove.com
>>aa01 NO Login failed.
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- Steve Annessa

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