#115 [command+Q] to quit application

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Jason Sjöbeck

I am hoping/wondering/thinking about how nice it would be to be able to hit [command+Q] to quit application, especially under OSX. I love using keyboard shortcuts & love using this one especially. I am also guessing that there is the possibility that others would not want this if they want to send this same command through to the remote machine, but perhaps this could be dealt with to allow the user to set it to be sent to local machine or optionally to remote machine, or some such similar mechanism. Regardless of those details, which I dont really care about all that much, it sure would be great to have this for those of using this under OSX who could use this time-saving command. Thanks all for the great app'. Cheers. Jason


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    Agreed! It would also be great if it supported the [command+H] "Hide" and "Hide Others" behaviour that seem standard with other OS X apps.

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    I agree with Jason- that would be a nice feature.
    Just staring using Chicken instead of VNCViewer.
    Chicken definitely wins out in my book. Thanks.

  • Skeeve

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    I just compiled CotVNC from the source available here and I have to tell you: All these shortcuts are available.