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CotV switched from english to french

  • I have no idea what might have led to CotV to switch from english to french. As far as i can see it until now, only CotV is affected - all other program language settings are still as they are intended to be.

    I have absolutely no idea how to return to the english language mode. Deleting the .plist file and reinstalling cotv did not solve the issue.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    … besides being glad to have an opportunity to brush up my rusty french ;-)


  • Though i have no idea what might have solved the problem, cotv speaks english again. The funny part is that i really did nothing that i can even remotely connect to a solution… i worked in another program for a few minutes with the french cotv running in the background, then checked back on cotv again… and it was english.
    I am happy that the issue solved itself, but the fact that it came to be in the first place and solved itself in that manner somewhat troubles me.