Control key not passed as modifier

Matt Noel
  • Matt Noel
    Matt Noel

    With the new version, 2.0b3, the control key is not passed as modifier with mouse clicks. This worked OK in the prior version.

    • Jason Harris
      Jason Harris

      Take a look at Emulation in your connection profile. It defaults to using the control key with a mouse click to indicate a right click.

    • Ward Clark
      Ward Clark

      I'm using Chicken 2.0b4 on Mac OS X 10.4.7 to manage Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows XP systems, all using the Default Profile (unmodified).

      My Kensington scroll-wheel mouse works fine with WinXP.  But neither OS 9 or OS X see the Control key (or Kensington "Right-Click").  So I have no Mac contextual menus.  Sigh.

      I seem to recall my right mouse button used to work on Mac OS X.

      I'd love to know what I can do get Mac contextual menus.