Red - Blue color reversal

  • jjdmon

    I am connecting to a tightVNC server on Linux ('Blue' Hat) and my red and blue are reversed.  I am using 24 bit color on the server and have tried setting the server pixel format to rgb888 and bgr888 with no difference.  This has been reported as a bug previously and may have come and gone in various versions.  I have tried the 2.0b3 release and built the latest version from CVS as of 1/6/05 and the bug is in both.  Does anyone know where in the code it may be possible (and simple) to force a red-blue reversal to correct the problem?  Maybe a reverse red-blue option could be added to the connection profile if it is not possible to correct the problem automatically.  I can hack my local copy if I know where to look and hints could save me a lot of time hunting.

    Also, does anyone have any idea what the 'optimal' pixelformat setting would be for the server to go from 24 bit color on Linux to 'Millions of Colors' (24bit?) on the Mac?

    • Eric Garrido
      Eric Garrido

      Try disabling the "Tight" encoding. I had the same problem and systematically went through the encodings to determine which gave the problem. Using ALL codings OTHER than the "Tight" encoding gives me good color output. YMMV