Security Sound and Dock

  • Cle

    I am new using Chicken. I am amazed. I have considered much more expensive software, but could not justify the cost just so I could sit on my butt in family room with my iBook and control my PowerMac in the den. To get a chance to try free software is great. It works amazingly well on my wireless LAN. I have not figured out how to use it over the internet yet. I do have some questions I would appreciate some support on. Thanks in advance.

    1. Security - How do I protect my computers from outside access? I had to change settings in order to be able to use Chicken on my iBook & PowerMac via LAN. I tried turning on Firewall under System Preferences, but that shut down Chicken. The only protection is my password and knowing my IP address. I'm not sure if my 2WIRE DSL wireless router would protect me. I would like to figure out how to connect between my PC at work and my PowerMac or to connect with my iBook over the internet, but am concerned about security.
    2. Sound - How can I hear audio played on my remote computer ... for example while playing a QT movie? On my LAN I can use iTunes to hear music, but wanted to be able to hear audio for QT movies & iPhoto slide show.
    3. Dock - I have been able to start programs on the remote computer by navigating using FIinder, but cannot access Dock. Is this possible?
    Thanks in advace.

    • Jason Harris
      Jason Harris

      Glad you like Chicken!

      1.  You need to make your VNC server (Chicken is the client) inaccessible to the outside world.  The best way is to stick a router between your LAN and the outside world.  This topic is too in-depth for a quick explanation, but it's a general topic, so Google should serve you well.

      2.  You can't.  VNC doesn't support sound.

      3.  If your Dock is hidden, you need to be pretty accurate with your mouse to get it to pop up.  Or, use Full Screen Mode in Chicken.