Open Connection window shows NOTHING in it

  • deeelite

    Hello; I am a Mac convert since July 2006.

    Until yesterday, when I ran COTV, it opened up the "VNC Login" window with a list of servers I could connect to.

    Yesterday, though, suddenly, when I opened up COTV, the familiar "VNC Login" window wouldn't show when the program launched. So I went to the "Connection" menu, then selected "Open Connection," and the "VNC Login" window did pop up, but with NOTHING in it--just a window with  x - + buttons on top left corner and the window title "VNC Login."

    I trashed COTV and re-installed a newly downloaded copy of COTV, but the setting must be stored somewhere in my Intel Mac, because getting the new COTV didn't solve anything.

    By the way, if I open "New Conection" under the "Connection" menu and type in target server information, it connects to the VNC server fine.

    How do I bring back my server list?
    Do you think getting rid of the COTV settings will fix this?
    Where does COTV store its settings?