Development Status ?

  • Mike McLean
    Mike McLean

    Note; this is not a complaint, I fully understand the nature of open source development and that developers have other projects, including paid work, that many times must be priority over the open source work. I am extremely grateful to the current developers of COTVNC since, even with 2 years since the last update, the software still works. My questions below represent curiosity only.

    Is this software still under any kind of active development?

    If it isn't,what is the reason? Is it lack of developer time? Is it because there is a better client out that which everyone (including the developer team) has started using instead of COTVNC?

    • Ward Clark
      Ward Clark

      I can't speak about development because I'm merely a VNC user (actually a heavy user).

      I started using Chicken of the VNC in 2003.  I was totally satisfied with it until last year, when I began having a lot of problems with lost connections.  Sessions typically lasted only 10 - 20 minutes, viewing both Mac and Windows screens over the Internet.

      Last Fall I sought out alternatives, ultimately settling on JollysFastVNC.  I can't recall a single lost connection since then.

      Patrick Stein (aka Jolly) is actively developing his VNC viewer, with 10 incremental releases since December.

      Patrick has been very helpful the several times I asked questions or reported glitches.

      -- Ward

      • Kurt Werle
        Kurt Werle

        That's a great recommendation - thanks for taking the time to leave a pointer.