SSH Tunnelling

Keith Page
  • Keith Page
    Keith Page

    Here here, I'm looking at Real VNC enterprise to start getting some secure easy to use client options in place, since i have a couple  users who like to work from home.

    The problem is no OSX clients exist that support the Enterprise editions security encryptions.

    If we could get some ssh tunneling built into a client I could do it securely that way.

  • Matt Haffner
    Matt Haffner

    I agree this would be a handy feature, but in the meantime, I'm pretty happy with SSH Agent combined with VNC. Since SSH Agent lets you save tunnels, reconnecting to a regular host is only  a click or two away.

  • Martin Diers
    Martin Diers

    Slightly less annoying than doing tunnels manually:

    Get the 2.0 beta. Much improved interface. Use it for VNC all the time.