#54 version 1.3.6 - zlibhex subencoding error

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I am trying to run cotvnc 1.3.6 on a powerbook g4 w/ os 10.3.3

The server is on a windows 2000 server.

I can connect fine with linux or windows clients, but when I lauch
chicken of the vnc, the desktop starts to appear then displays:

"zlibhex unknown subencoding 129 encountered"

I am given the choice to retry, but fails every time

dave price


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    i am getting the same using osx 10.3.3

    connecting to windows 2000 server running latest version of realvnc

    works fine when connecting with windows or linux vnc viewers but cotvnc
    says 'zlibhex unknown subencoding 129 encountered"

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    i am also getting a subenconign 58 error message pop up.... I disabled
    zlibhex under profiles but still get the message

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    I'm also having the same problem connecting to Windows XP
    (Home edition, so without the Remote Desktop feature). In
    my case i'me getting zlibhex unknown subencoding 111
    encountered" and zlibhex unknown subencoding 17

    Too bad, I had great expectations improving my mac + PC
    network. I hope there is an easy solution.
    --Joachim (moortgat@ekno.com)

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    I also get this same error (129 in my case) connecting to a
    windows machine.


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    same problem to me :-(

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    to get mine to work and not come up with this error i had to

    untick 'Enable CopyRect Enconding'
    set server mode to 16-bit RBG

    that worked for me. OSX 10.3.3 to W2kServer running RealVNC Server

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris

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    Sorry about the delay in getting to this. This is a duplicate of Bug
    #688352, which is fixed in the GEN_2_GUI branch in CVS. I'm going to
    close this, since it's a duplicate.

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris

    • status: open --> closed-duplicate