#189 Remote Cursor not Visible

Michael Abbott

The remote cursor is never visible on my Chicken of the VNC
connection to OSXvnc, I only get the little black dot. What is
particularly odd is that I have seen the remote cursor working once,
but never again since...

I don't know whether this is really a problem with CotV or OSXvnc, as
the remote cursor does work when connecting to vncserver on Linux.

I am running CotVNC 2.0b4 on OSX 10.3.9 connecting to OSXvnc 1.71
running as a startup service on OSX 10.4.6. The "Disable Remote
Keyboard/Pointer" check box on OSXvnc is NOT checked.


  • Michael Abbott
    Michael Abbott

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    Ah: I should have checked first. This IS a problem with Chicken of the VNC,
    and not with OSXvnc: if I use VNC Viewer on Windows the remote cursor
    displays just fine.

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    To be fair, it's a little bit of both.

    VNC has extension to send the remote cursor independently of the screen.
    Most clients now support this extension but Chicken does not.

    If the client doesn't support the extension the server is supposed to continue
    drawing the cursor on the screen bitmap but due to some limitations in Mac
    OS X and OSXvnc the server doesn't do this.

    The time you probably SAW the cursor from Chicken you were connected to
    an "off-screen" fast-user-switched account. In this case Mac OS X does draw
    the cursor onto the bitmap directly.

  • Maynard

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    I just posted a Help for this. I am trying to use my MB Pro connecting to RealVNC on XP Pro SP2. Same thing, I saw the cursor once and then now just a dot. The special characters are being sent, but I have no mouse.

    Any clues ?