#174 saved "display/port" data used as "display" after upgrade

Phillip Mocek

Beginning with version 2.0b3, "display/port" field from
previously-saved server configuration data is
interpreted in the connect dialogue strictly as a
display number. Server connections which were, using
previous versions of cotvnc, configured by specifying a
port number will have that port number silently
mis-interpreted as a display number, causing cotvnc to
attempt connection to port #(configured port + 5900).

Given that previous versions were able to determine
whether a display number or port number was specified,
this version should do the same and if it finds a port
number, explain the situation and offer to update user
configuration to be compatible with new behavior.

see also: ticket 1302701


  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris

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    In 2.0b3, we stopped trying to guess whether the display/port was a display
    or a port, since we guessed wrong enough to annoy people, and because it
    meant that there was no way of using certain display or port numbers.

    Instead, you can enter a port using the standard syntax of server:port OR you
    can enter a display number using the provided text field.

    BUT! If we're not migrating them properly from earlier versions, that is
    indeed a bug.