#162 Closing COTVNC connection removes wireless network

Networking (54)

At first starting COTVNC to connect from my Powerbook to my Mac
Mini over a wireless connection everything works fine, speedy
refresh. After closing and reopening the connection the refresh and
response is very sluggish to the point where I wonder if something is
happening at all.

When I closed the connection I also lost the connection to my
wireless network on my powerbook. I've tried in vain to find the
network again (let alone connect to it). Walking across the house to
the Mini (located close to the wireless router) with my Powerbook,
somehow made the network show up again and allowed me to
connect the powerbook.
With the pb sitting next to the Mini, I did another COTVNC
connection: sluggish response, almost no refresh. After closing the
COTVNC connection, network was gone again on the powerbook and
could not be found.

Note 1: this happened with both 10.4.2 and 10.4.3 on Powerbook.
Note 2: Mini could find and connect to wireless network without any
problems, when the powerbook had trouble.

- Powerbook (2 weeks old): 1.5Gb RAM, OSX 10.4.3, wireless
- Mac Mini: 1Gb RAM, OSX 10.4.2, wired network connection
- Router: SMC Barricade wired/wireless