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Corewars / News: Recent posts

RPMs now available

From version 0.9.6 on RPMs will be available on the download page.

Posted by Walter Hofmann 2000-03-21

Redcode support added to Corewars

The just released version 0.9.6 of Corewars has Redcode support.

Posted by Walter Hofmann 2000-03-21

Corewars screenshots released

There is a new page with screenshots from the game!
Take a look at

Posted by Walter Hofmann 2000-02-29

Corewars 0.9 released -- let the best program win!

Corewars 0.9 released!

Write your own little programs and let them fight
on a virtual machine. The program that crashes
last wins.

Corewars comes with 19 sample programs and
automatic statistics.

Get it at http://download.sourceforge.net/corewars/corewars-0.9.0.tar.gz

Posted by Walter Hofmann 2000-02-28