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Corendal DocSide Version 3 released

The third major version of Corendal DocSide has been released. It features full text indexing for Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF files.

Posted by Thierry Danard 2008-11-29

Corendal DocSide 2.0 released

Corendal DocSide has been completely refactored to integrate natively with Active Directory. It also provides full-text indexing capabilities for PDF and Word documents.

Here is a summary of the other new features:

- Corendal DocSide uses the Apache Velocity templating engine for layout. You can easily customize the application to fit your corporate standards

- Users are automatically authenticated when they are logged on Windows inside the network. ... read more

Posted by Thierry Danard 2006-05-07

First release

This is the first release of Corendal DocSide.

Corendal DocSide is a web-enabled document management application. It uses Corendal Framework, Java, MySQL and Tomcat. It features security and subscriptions options, access statistics.

See demo at

Posted by Thierry Danard 2005-04-26