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Core Analyzer / News: Recent posts

Release 2.8 is patched

Two bugs are fixed in this patch.
1. The mmap_threshold of ptmalloc may be reset after a process is spawn. The previous heap parser could miss some mmap-ed memory blocks.
2. The uncommitted ranges of mscrt heap are not sorted by address any more. The previous version might report false positive.

Posted by Michael Yan 2012-10-09

Release 2.8 is updated

The 2.8 source bundle misses two files stl_container.h and stl_container.cpp. I have updated the download site to include them.
The meta data to handle ptmalloc heaps is also augmented to speed up search functions. In my test, the response time of "shrobj" command is reduced from 8 minutes to a few seconds.

Posted by Michael Yan 2012-09-28

bug-fix release

A few bugs are fixed including reference searching, debug build on WIN64, etc. The search result has less false positive.

Posted by Michael Yan 2011-12-07

Support for Windows 2003 Server is added

Core Analyzer is enhanced to read minidump file generated on Windows 2003 Server. It understands the heap data structures used by the runtime memory manager.

Posted by Michael Yan 2011-07-01