CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Windows servers running Microsoft Remote Desktop or Terminal Services.

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CoRD 0.5 connected to a Window 7 computer

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  • grace lewis
    grace lewis


    I just downloaded Cord on my imac 10.7.5.
    I plugged in my ip address for my work computer. I went to the blue screen where the log in was. I enteredmy user name and password.
    for about 2 seconds I thought my dreams were coming true THEN poof the screen just vanished.

    What could this be?
    Thank you
    Grace Lewis

  • DKroot

    I did not find any other place to report a bug. The bug is pretty weird, but here it goes. Some server labels disappear in Servers drawer, that is they are shown as blanks. It seems to be dependent on the label text. For example: "NISAR Test DB @ NIAID intranet" and "NISAR Test Web @NIAID intranet" disappear whereas "NISAR Test DB @NIAID intranet" does not.

  • DKroot

    There seems to be a serious issue in Cord 0.5.7 running on Mavericks 10.9.5. Clipboards don't get synchronized. Initially, host clipboard will be available, but subsequent changes both on host and remote don't seem to get propagated.

    This is a showstopper for me.