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Second alpha release of the upcoming Copy Handler 1.40

Today, after very long time, a new alpha release was created.
It mostly concentrates on the under-the-hood improvments including:
- sqlite-based task state storage
- unit testing (framework and a few tests)
- various bugfixes,
- progress and stats handling,
- VS2013 support,

There are a few new functions as well:
- additional stats in main status dialog,
- possibility to disable nagging about registering shell extension,
- shell extension options "Copy To/Move To/MoveTo Special" now allow choosing directory manually.... read more

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2014-07-15

Code repositories moved to

Yesterday the code repositories were moved from sourceforge to a dedicated server. Now the repository location is - it is highly suggested to re-download the sources as the externals also changed their addresses.

The move was mainly dictated by the change introducted by staff some time ago separating ro/rw accesses by protocol thus breaking the possibility to have a valid externals.... read more

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2014-07-15

Issue management moved to

Issue management has been moved from trackers to
Most (if not all) issues reported until now in the trackers were moved to the new system.
From now on, please report bugs, submit feature and support requests through the Jira system at the address mentioned above.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2013-04-05

Copy Handler 1.40alpha-svn465 released

A completely new alpha version of Copy Handler is available for download. This is only provided for testing purposes and should not be used for normal, daily use.

This version features lots of bug fixes, lots of changes under the hood and some new features, such as command line support, portable version, configurable names of copies and support for very long paths.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2012-09-19

Copy Handler 1.32 Final is out!

A new stable release of Copy Handler has just been released. It features many bug fixes reported by our users.
Every user of Copy Handler is encouraged to upgrade to a new version.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2010-03-07

New beta released!

A new beta version (1.32beta-svn245) of Copy Handler has just been released. It features some bug fixes and merged installer for handling both 32bit and 64bit systems.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2009-07-31

Copy Handler 1.32beta-svn224 released

A new bugfix release of Copy Handler. Fixes the problem with wrong side-by-side assemblies.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2009-06-27

Copy Handler 1.32beta-svn212 released

This beta version fixes two very long standing bugs - problem with creating shortcuts with windows explorer and problem with preserving directory times.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2009-04-19

Copy Handler 1.31 Final released

A new version of Copy Handler has been just released - it features many bug fixes and some improvements in the program.
It features the following changes:

* From this release there will be zip packages distributed with CH (requests by some users).
* Changed handling of language files - if they have not been ported to the new format, it won't be selectable in options dialog.
* Fixed problems with changing language while small status window was shown (and other potential problems).
* Installer multilingual improvements (translated some custom strings to Polish).
* Changes in the feedback dialogs (whown when task requested some feedback from user)
* Bugfix: fixed formatting of data sizes in several places (e.g. tooltips in clipboard monitoring dialog).
* Bugfix: crash when creating file description object in some cases.
* Bugfix: Problem with crashing CH when changing buffer size while copying data.
* Bugfix: fixed parametres -> parameters.
* Bugfix: shortcuts were not visible in the shell context menu.
* Bugfix: fixed crash when closing the clipboard monitoring dialog box.
* Bugfix: Win+E keyboard shortcut did not work when CH was not running.
* Bugfix: crash during error logging.
* Updated polish language file (by Ixen).
* Traditional Chinese language by Tony Yu.
* Korean language update by TaeJung Um.
* Updated italian language file by chicco83.... [read more](/p/copyhandler/news/2009/02/copy-handler-131-final-released/)
Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2009-02-01