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Copy Handler 1.31 Final released

A new version of Copy Handler has been just released - it features many bug fixes and some improvements in the program.
It features the following changes:

* From this release there will be zip packages distributed with CH (requests by some users).
* Changed handling of language files - if they have not been ported to the new format, it won't be selectable in options dialog.
* Fixed problems with changing language while small status window was shown (and other potential problems).
* Installer multilingual improvements (translated some custom strings to Polish).
* Changes in the feedback dialogs (whown when task requested some feedback from user)
* Bugfix: fixed formatting of data sizes in several places (e.g. tooltips in clipboard monitoring dialog).
* Bugfix: crash when creating file description object in some cases.
* Bugfix: Problem with crashing CH when changing buffer size while copying data.
* Bugfix: fixed parametres -> parameters.
* Bugfix: shortcuts were not visible in the shell context menu.
* Bugfix: fixed crash when closing the clipboard monitoring dialog box.
* Bugfix: Win+E keyboard shortcut did not work when CH was not running.
* Bugfix: crash during error logging.
* Updated polish language file (by Ixen).
* Traditional Chinese language by Tony Yu.
* Korean language update by TaeJung Um.
* Updated italian language file by chicco83.

You can download the newest files in the sourceforge download section, at:

If you will have any trouble using this version - please report the problem to the sourceforge bug tracker.

Posted by Ixen Gerthannes 2009-02-01