#2 updater should not be enabled if there are no permissions

Edwin Stang

coopnet should disable the updater feature if e.g. the jar of coopnet itself has no write permission for the current user.

If thats the case, updater would fail anyway.

When updater is run anyway, it should include a try/catch maybe that detects permission errors and prints those as errors to user with a hint that he should either gain permissions or dont use updater.

maybe theres a better way to detect this inside of coopnet itself? to disable update via more checks, like recursively running though the dir and see if permissions are granted everywhere, though it should include a maxlvl or only check known dirs? etc etc etc need to think of some good solution


  • i did some though on this, the update button should be kept enabled, but on click, it will check if the location has the right permissions. if everything is ok, it will update normally. if permissions aren't right, it should show a optionpane with instructions to manual update -> url to coopnet.sf.net download area clickable.