Advanced search without hits

  • Marc Halbig
    Marc Halbig


    when I try to do an advanced search. I'll never get any hits. I am using version 3.0.4.

    What is my mistake?



    • You must search something.
      Don't leave blank all the fields.
      It this don't work rebuild the index
         Administration --> Search engine --> Create index again

      • I think there is a bug somewhere in the search. You need to append * in the end if you want to search on a prefix (se below).
        (I havn't tested *substring* and *suffixstring as search patterns)

        I loaded a document which contains the swedish words  "kontonummer" and "kontohavare" into Contineo.
        The title of the document was "Dokument" (test below was the same regardless of the language setting
        for the search. I used both English documetns and All documents).

        Using simple search I got the follwing results

        kontohavare    -> returned the document
        konto               -> _did not_ return the document
        kontonummer  -> returned the document
        kon                  -> _did not_ return the document

        konto*             -> _did_ return the document


        I did the same test in this forum. Searching for:

        (+search)       -> returned this thread
        (+sear)          -> _did not_ return this thread

        (+sear*)        -> returned this thread and issued warnings about using * which is reserved.