add documents via the command line?

  • Taylor Steil
    Taylor Steil


    I setup Contineo with the intention of being able to monitor a local directory and have it automatically add any new documents placed in that directory. Is there any way to do that?

    I'd like to be able to sync my source control folder (perforce) and then any new / changed documents would automatically be scanned and indexed by Contineo.

    Adding documents one at a time through the web interface is not an option since we have hundreds of documents.

    • Hi Taylor,
      Contineo does not allow you to monitor documents in an outside folder.

      This feature is available in our commercial product LogicalDOC.
      If you want you can download for free the trial version and try his features.

      LogicalDOC is a product of Logical Objects which extends the operativity of Contineo through a number of interesting features such as OCR, indexing of Office 2007 documents, acquisition by remote folders.

      Best regards
                 A. Gasparini

    • wnagy

      Hi Taylor,

      in this case you can use WebTest utility like HtmlUnit and create a uploadscript maybe in groovy.
      You start the script over commandline, the script scan the local documentfolder for new / changed documents, open a HTTP-Session and put it in the repository.

      I have testet this way with a other software and data.
      it's running fine but little bit slow.