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Console 2.00 Beta, build 128

Build 128

- added 'Clear' button to hotkeys dialog

- added 'Use Scroll Lock for scrolling' option to hotkeys dialog; if on, arrow
keys and page up/down keys are used for scrolling when Scroll Lock is on

- improved cursor rendering a bit

- improved selection handling:
- selection now selects entire buffer row, not just the visible part
- scrolling with active selection works as expected
- you can now scroll Console window while selecting text

- improved copy operation, entire buffer row is now copied (not just the
visible part)

- added hotkeys for scrolling

- added basic mouse events support

- fixed a small bug with tab and window name updating

- fixed a bug with pasting large text

- added support for configurable mouse commands

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-12-18