Console2 with SUA and bash

  • JP

    I can't figure out how to get Console2 to use the SUA bash shell. I got it working with cygwin, but I am running a 64bit Win7 and cannot get cygwin to work properly, plus I will be doing the same with 64bit server08 which cygwin really doesn't work well with.

    this is the shortcut to open a bash prompt:
    C:\Windows\posix.exe /u /c /usr/local/bin/bash -l

    I put this in and console2 would come up but it would flicker and not show text or respond.
    I put that in with quotes and now it won't work at all.

    I get that error that it cannot create the tab and check if it is still running. The settings are staying resident somewhere, because the .xml file is default and even if I replace it it still gives this error. I searched the registry with no luck.

    Any ideas on how I can get bash with SUA working? I love console2!!!

    btw, I am using the 1.44b I think. I also got the 64bit that was hosted by a very generous individual... can't find the link at the moment.


  • heiner

    Hi, maybe this can help.

    From the Console2 documentation, the -r command line option accepts a command to execute upon startup.

    So, create a Shortcut to Console2 and on that Shortcut properties edit  Target to look like:

    Path\To\Console.exe -r "/k C:\Windows\posix.exe /u /c /usr/local/bin/bash -l"

    Then play around with bash's .profile to adjust your needs.