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bash style completion/history for cmd

  • Hi,
    is there a way to override in console the behaviour of the cmd backend, that it gets more bash like.
    So that
    1) tab completes the word only as far as it is unambiguous and then shows a list of possible matches, e.g. if there is abc.123, abc.xyz and abc.ext and you write "a" it should complete it to abc. and then shows the list of files.
    (currently it completes it to abc.123 and then to abc.ext if you press tab again,...)

    2) there is no difference if you wrote a command or select it with the arrows keys (e.g. if you used cmd1, cmd2, cmd3 and then select and execute again cmd2, pressing arrow-up should first select cmd2 and then cmd3; currently it selects cmd2 and then cmd1)


    • Hi,

      Console doesn't (and can't) interact with shells the way you'd like it to. You will have to use a more powerful shell (e.g. 4nt, cygwin's bash)


      • Hi,
        Well, theoretically it could, if you add a input buffer , so that the commands you write are  only send to cmd after pressing return.

        But Cygwin's bash seems to be nice.