Cmd replacement to run .bat scripts

  • Dear Console developers,

    I would like that Console replace cmd even more :-)

    I would like to be able to configure windows such that when I double click on a .bat script (or on a .cmd script) windows open or reuse a tab of Console and run the .bat script in that tab.

    Do you think this is feasible?


    • I realized my mistake. It is possible to use console to run scripts using the -r parameter.

      But in the one instance mode when tab are reused  it won't work.

      Could we imagine a new parameter that will transmit a character string to the underlying console by emulating the typing of the user?

      • GrayNM

        Hello! 8)

        At least we can try. ;-)
        I thought about something like this but for another reason: cygwin bash ignores specified directory and always starts from own root. So I thought about conversion of current path to "cd <something>" command that will be transmitted to wrapped bash.

        But idea to use console  as command processor to run scripts is very nice. Lets discuss it. Mail me, please, how you want to do that.