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copy/paste and clear entire buffer

  • Doug Donohoe
    Doug Donohoe

    Just discovered this program when searching for a way to do mysql on the command line (since it hangs in Windows).  I got it working on Windows Vista 64 by using build 141 and the binary with fix to color issue posted here 

    Two questions:

    One:  Is there a way to duplicate rxvt/xterm behavior for copying text:  highlight with left button click/drag (which automatically gets copied)?  The current behavior of shift-click/drag (to highlight) and click on highlighted (to copy) is several extra steps.  Paste works properly (3rd mouse button pastes).

    Two:  Is there a way to clear the entire buffer (on Mac Terminal, Apple-K clears the whole buffer, which is I use all the time and miss on windows).

    Suggestions if there isn't a way to do what I ask:

    1) More accurate xterm/rxvt mouse highlight/copy behavior.  Double click to select word, triple click to select line.  Any selection is automatically copied to clipboard.

    2) Ctrl-K to clear entire buffer (to emulate Mac Terminal behavior)



    • Doug Donohoe
      Doug Donohoe

      Ok, I discovered the "copy on select" and  "clear selection on copy" options and the ability to change mouse assignment.  That is 50% of what I was asking about.

      So my suggestions boil down to:

        * double-click to select work and triple-click to select line worked
        * Ctrl-K to clear entire scroll buffer